Planting the Camps: From Grey to Green

The social and physical environment within Palestinian camps continues to deteriorate (overcrowding, lack of green spaces, and poor living conditions). Jafra will improve the lives of refugees by supporting organic rooftop gardening for food security and enhanced livelihoods via small production initiatives, fostering a sense of community belonging, beautification and improved air quality which will help to restore a damaged environment and in turn alleviate stress and local anxieties.

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Support Refugees Education and Community Building in Greece

Jafra Foundation in Greece is partnering on a fundraising campaign with Finding Refuge, an organization that aims to end homelessness of displaced people – migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers – in Athens, Greece. This crucial campaign aims to fill the gaps left in housing and educating refugees due to lack of access to education for migrants and the EU and UNHCR budgetary cuts for accommodation of refugees. 

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